Moshe Dovid (Davey) Weissman’s New CD


A little bit about the artist:

Moshe Dovid Weissman, a proud member of the Ben Zakkai Honor Society, was an active member of Long Island NCSY (Maalot) during his time in high school. Known as Davey among his NCSY buddies, Moshe Dovid served as the Lawrence Chapter Vice President in 1989 and then as the Long Island Regional President in 1990. When he returned from Yeshivat Shaalvim, he continued to be involved with NCSY as a Long Island advisor and was on the Regional Administration as Chapter Shabbaton Coordinator in 1993 and 1994. Together with his wife and children, he has been residing in Beitar Illit, Israel since 2000. Moshe Dovid is  the director of Kollel Pilpul Chaveirim in Beitar, which he founded in 2001, and moonlights as a computer programmer.

About the CD:

AVODA SHEBALEV is all about inspiring, uplifting, real Jewish music.

Our debut album contains ten beautiful compositions by Moshe Dovid Weissman. Moshe Dovid's Niggunim refelect the heart of the words and raise them up. The lyrics are from traditional Jewish sources aside from the three Niggunim that do not have words.

Shlomo Katz produced and arranged the album. Shlomo, long known for his own beautiful Niggunim and powerful live performances, invested his vast musical talent into AVODA SHEBALEV and helped make the beautiful Nigginum sound spectacular.

Most of the songs on the album are sung by Davy Dombrowsky. Davy's sweet voice was the perfect match for this project.

Yerachmiel Ziegler sang the beautiful harmonies on all of the tracks and also sang the lead on the first half of Eitz Chaim.

Moshe Dovid sang the lead vocals on Shabbos Chanuka, Oz Vehadar, Haneiros Halalu, and Avoda Shebalev.

Check out our CD Booklet for more information about the album and to see the credits for the incredible musicians who played on the album.

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